Fareast Pram

Start sailing right

For beginner sailors there is no better boat than the FAREAST Pram. With a durable FRP construction and a full rub rail around the boat, they are built to withstand impacts with boats, docks and beaches year after year. These boats are ideal for program fleets that teaching beginner sailors looking to move into Optimist sailing and racing.

As many coaches know, dealing with flipped Optis can be a hassle, and like it or not, beginners tend to capsize. That’s why the Pram is designed on take on less water, making capsize recovery easy for new sailors.

Moving up is easy.

Almost every sailor that learns in a pram will eventually be ready to move into an Optimist. This is why we have designed the pram to make this transition easy. With a similar layout and identical blades and spars, the transition for most sailors is fast and easy.

If you are ready to start sailing right, take a look at our Pram lineup below. Save money and learn faster with the FAREAST Pram!


Interested in Fareast Pram? We offer special discounts for sailing schools, yacht clubs and organizations! Please emailĀ Rob or call us at: 508. 778.9187