• September 14-17, 2017 Newport International Boat Show (we will be revealing the  new Fareast 19R, we will also have the Fareast 28R on display)
  •  October 5-9, 2017 United States Sailboat Show (Annapolis Boat Show) displaying the Fareast 19R and Fareast 28R


  • April 2017Charleston Race Week in the Fareast 28R with Seldén Mast
  • February 2017Helly Hansen NOOD Regatta St. Petersburg in the Fareast 28R
  • October 2017Annapolis International Boat Show (featuring the Fareast 23R and the Fareast 28R)
  • September 2016Newport International Boat Show
    • Nominated for Sail Magazine’s 2017 “Best Boats” for the Fareast 23R
  • January 2016 Key West Race Week in the Fareast 28R (we were sponsored by Gill North America)
  • February 2016Helly Hansen NOOD Regatta St. Petersburg in the Fareast 28R
  • May 2016Fareast 23R International Regatta– Shanghai, China

    Fareast 23R International Regatta


Newport International Boat Show

Annapolis International Boat Show

Fareast 28R- Sailing World’s Boat of the Year for 2016

Fareast 28R-Nominated for Sail Magazine’s Best Boats 2016