Fareast 18R

18R_logoFAREAST 18R:

Almost immediately after the launch of the FAREAST 18 requests started coming in for a racing version with a larger, more open cockpit and stripped interior, resulting in the FAREAST 18R.  While keeping the rig and hull the same, FAREAST optimized the deck for racing and training.  A versatile racer and trainer, the FAREAST 18 can be sailed easily by one or two people and is optimized for racing at 3 or 4.  The boat is equally at home being dry sailed, trailer sailed or swinging from a mooring.  Like the 18 and 26, the design brief mandated that the boat be stylish, fast, simple and low maintenance. Again, performance and exciting sailing was the rule.  A premium was put on keeping the rig simple and easy to set up and sail.  The “no back stay”, crossbow rig and square top main deliver plenty of power in a simple, easy to manage package.  Details like the carbon fiber tiller and infused foils are a reminder that this boat, although affordable, is a modern, high tech racer.  With more than 100 boats built in the first year, the FAREAST 18R is already an unqualified success.

Design and Build:

Continuing the successful partnership between FAREAST and Dutch/South African design house Simonis Voogd, the FAREAST 18R is identical in the FAREAST 18 in terms of her hull shape and foils.  The FAREAST 18R is a sleek, light displacement, high stability yacht with high aspect ratio foils and bulb keel.  The engineering of the boat plays to FAREAST’s strengths; cutting edge composite technology, resin infusion, resin transfer molding and close fitting tolerances.  Because of the precision and consistency of FAREAST’s build, Simonis Voogd was able to design a complete modular construction for the hull, deck and interior. The net result is a structure that’s 40% lighter than an equivalent traditionally built boat.  The 18R is a light and lively racer, affordable for the average sailor and tough enough to stand up to the demands of fleet ownership.


The FAREAST 18R weighs just 1400 lbs.  It’s compact dimensions, lifting keel, removable rudder and light weight Selden mast make for a hassle free trailer-sailor.  With the keel retracted completely, the boat floats in less than 1 foot of water, so it can be easily ramp launched.  The mast can be stepped by one person and boat and trailer are light enough to be towed by most cars and small SUV’s.  You can race your FAREAST 18R anywhere your car can get you.


FAREAST is dedicated to the highest possible quality and value.  We can deliver consistent and high quality boats at excellent prices for several reasons. First, is technology.  The same resin infusion and RTM processes that allow us to build lighter, stronger and longer lasting boats, also ensure flawless lamination and clean, smooth finishes.  Because the resin is pre-measured and infused into the fiberglass and core, both weight and resin/fiber ratios are perfectly controlled. Second, is experience.  FAREAST has built over 20,000 boats.  Our background in dinghies, especially one design racing dinghies, means that our engineers and workers are used to incredibly tight tolerances, and the expectation of perfect finishes.What’s more, we’re building the boats in a lower cost labor market.  Rather than leveraging that lower labor cost toward “cheap”, FAREAST increases the time and effort spent on fit, finish and quality control. Third, are our suppliers.  At FAREAST, we recognize what we’re best at and we look for suppliers who are also industry leaders.  Our boats are fitted with Harken, Ronstan and Spinlock deck hardware.  Spars, standing rigging and roller furlers are supplied Selden. Besides being the highest quality, most respected names in the industry, these suppliers are also the best supported globally.  This means that FAREAST owners around the world have broad local support for service and warrantee on all the most important components of their boats.

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We offer fleet discounts for the Fareast 18R, please contact Matt to learn more about pricing options for your program. You can also call: 508.778.9187